Join our team. Competitive Pay and Rewarding Experience



"A Teacher Affects Eternity. They can never tell where there influence stops." - Henry Adams

  • DMV CA Requirement.
    • Must be a CA licensed driver ages 21+.  Must pass background investigation.
  • Traits that we are looking for.  
    • Instructors must be passionate about driver safety.
    • Instructors must be patient and kind with students.
    • Instructors must cater their instruction to different levels of drivers.
    • Instructors must be obsessed with driving details and techniques.  From OJT, our school will provide training and cover all of our techniques.
  • Our Niche.  
    • Our instructors are always teaching and coaching our students during the behind-the-wheel driving time.  Based on student/instructor feedback, we narrowed our course to 36 driving techniques.  Over the course of 6 hours (360 minutes), we average about 1 driving technique for every 10 minutes of instruction.
  • Reasons to teach.  
    • We find teaching students to drive a rewarding experience with meaningful purpose.  The schedules are flexible and the pay is lucrative.
    • Be part of a team and culture of excellence.  Every drive with a student is an opportunity to teach excellence and to perfect habits.  We are all in this together and are always finding ways to refine our teaching techniques.
  • Call (925) 66-DRIVE or email us at [email protected] for employment opportunities.

"Those that know, do. That that understand, teach." - Aristole