FAQ- Common DMV questions from our students

What are the DMV requirements to earn your California driver’s license for anyone 17.5 years old or younger?

Will your instructor take me to take my road test at the DMV?

Yes! You can even take our car to take your test!

Here is the general process:

  1. Call our office to ensure availability if you already have a DMV appointment. (925)663-7483
  2. If you don’t already have a DMV appointment, call and we are happy to coordinate with our instructor’s availability and book the appointment for you.
  3. Book a DMV Drive Test Car Rental with us.
  4. Our instructor will pick you up one hour ahead of the DMV Road Test to practice, then take you to take the test. You may use our vehicle for the test. We will provide documentations on our vehicle.
  5. Pass the Road Test and celebrate!

What are the main driving skills taught during lessons? How do parents keep track of their children's progress?

We cover and assess the following important driving skills: Car Familiarity, Steering, Acceleration, Braking, Scanning, Left Turns, Right Turns, Following Distance, Changing Lanes, Blind Spots, Interstate Driving, Straight Line Reverse, Parallel Parking. These driving skills are tracked in your account’s Report Card. We also offer Refresher courses for folks who have not driven for a while or are unfamiliar with driving in the US. Please discuss your driving needs with the driving instructor.

Worried About Hygiene Measures?

We regularly clean and maintain our cars. Rest assured, you will certainly feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel of our cars as we sanitize them thoroughly. We encourage our students to wear face masks and sanitize their hands before and after the session.

Do you pick the student up for in-car driving lessons?

Yes, our driving instructors will pick up the students at their desired location anywhere in Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon.  The lesson may be canceled at the students expense if the student is not prepared by having their permit or license and prescription glasses (if required by DMV).

When I try to enroll, the sign-up page asks for the School Code.

Our school code is EASTBAY.

Why does my account show inactive?

There are a few reasons why your account may be inactive. You owe an outstanding $50 cancellation fee or the permit provided to us is expired or it’s been more than a year since you have first enrolled. Please contact us for help.

Can my parents teach me with a license from another state?

No, whoever drives with you must have a valid California Driver License, and be 25 years of age or older. The person who signs your permit stating that you have done the 50 hours of extra driving instruction must have a valid California Driver License. Adults with learning permits only need a California licensed driver 18 or over to teach them.

Is your business DMV licensed?

Yes! DMV license #E2224. We are bonded and insured. All of our cars are equipped with an additional passenger brake.

How long do I have to complete the courses?

Prepaid behind the wheel instruction should be completed within 12 months from the starting date.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once you’ve enrolled in the 6-hours behind-the-wheel program, we do not offer refunds. If we show up at your door and you are not available for lessons, we charge $50 to cover for the loss lesson. Please plan carefully and avoid last minute changes or cancellations. Our instructors do their best to prepare for the lessons and come pick you up in a timely manner. We want to provide you great service but must enforce our cancellation policy. Lessons are non-refundable. To cancel a lesson, login into your Deluxe Driving School DriveScout account, select View/Cancel Sessions, then click the Session to cancel. If you need assistance, please email or call us.

If I need to cancel a driver training appointment, how much notice must I give to avoid being charged the $50 late cancelation fee?

Please cancel a lesson as soon as you know you can’t make it so others have a chance to schedule that lesson. Cancel a lesson at least two days prior to avoid a last-minute cancellation fee. There is a $50 fee for no-show.

Do you teach standard transmission (stick)?

We will teach manual transmission driving, but you need to provide the car and already have a license.

Do you issue the CA DMV Certificate of Completion for 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel?

YES. After completing six hours of Behind the Wheel training, the instructor will provide a Certificate of Completion for 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel (Gold Certificate) to the student.

What if I lose my enrollment certificate or completion certificate?

We charge $25 to replace a certificate. We can mail it to you.

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