Driving School For Teens

Licensed and Certified Driving Instructors

Our Passion: Are you looking for a local driving school 110% dedicated to your success?  East Bay Driving School’s formula for success starts with helping students feel comfortable and mastering modern-day driving techniques.  We offer 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction for teen, adult, and ex-pat drivers.  We pride ourselves in our student’s satisfaction.

Available Time Slots

Tue May 2411:00AM-1:00PMFull
Wed May 25AvailableFull
Thur May 26AvailableAvailable
Fri May 27AvailableAvailable
Sat May 28FullFull
Sun May 296:00-8:00AMFull
Mon May 308:00-10:00AMAvailable
Tue May 31Available5:45PM-7:45PM
Wed June 1AvailableAvailable
Thus June 2AvailableAvailable
Fri June 3AvailableFull
Beyond June 4AvailableAvailable

To navigate through the CA Teen DMV Driver’s license process:

1. Pass the DMV knowledge test and then obtain a Learner’s Permit.

2. Take 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel training. Please sign up for a package to see our calendar. Or call to get an appointment that suits your schedule!

3. Complete 50 hours of driving practice with another CA licensed driver 21+.

4. After 6 months with your Learner’s Permit, you can take the CA DMV Driving Test.  You’ll do great!  

Driving Lesson Packages

Two Hour Lesson
One 2-hour lesson
Professional training
Tailored instruction for all levels
Refresher for the CA DMV Road Test
Pick-up/drop-off from home, school/work
Six Hour + DMV Drive Test
Three 2-hour lessons + 3-hours for DMV Test
Tailored instructions for all levels
Use our vehicle for the DMV Road Test
Complete curriculum
Drive with confidently

We specialize in helping the following drivers:

1. First-Time Drivers.

2. H-1B visa holders.  Driving in the US, and even in California is unique.

3. Teen or adult drivers looking to tune-up their driving skills

4. Repeat DMV Test Takers.  We will help you pass.


Great Benefits About Our DMV Certified Behind-The-Wheel Training

1. Lessons:  Students are driving during the entire two hours of their lessons. Lessons are tailored to each individual’s skillets and comfort levels. We help drivers develop safe driving habits for for a lifetime.

2. Cars:  Clean, safe, well-equipped, and certified by reliable mechanics.  All our cars are equipped with a second set of pedals and rear-view mirror for the instructor. All of our cars are marked with our school name East Bay Driving School so students know exactly who is picking them up!

3. Mock DMV Test: We cover a 36 point CA DMV test rubric that we cater to every driver’s skill set.  Lesson plans ends with the student’s favorite 15-minute DMV Drive mock tests.

4. History:  Our driving school is an affiliate of A Deluxe Driving School in the South Bay, helping students since 2004 [Driving School License #E2224].

5. Convenience:  You can book online or over the phone. We take appointments 7 days a week.


6. Flexibility: We can meet you at your home, school, or workplace within our service area.

7. Locations:  We keep the school local so we can give it back to our community in Danville, Alamo, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore.


2 Hour Example Driving Course – For First Time Drivers

So you just received your learner’s permit and you are meeting with an East Bay Driving School Coach for the first time.  Your next two hours will look very similar to this:

1. Get To Know The Vehicle

2. Start in a Safe Environment

3. Smooth Acceleration and Braking

4. Steering Control

5. Neighborhood driving

6. Right Turns, Left Turns, Lane Changes, Intersections

7. Parking

8. Continuous Feedback and Evaluations

Why Choose A DMV Certified Driving Instructor With East Bay Driving School?

A message from the Owner:

We are an ODOT-approved driving school with a team of DMV certified driving instructors and professionals. Our school is passionate about the safety and the success of our students.

  • Our goal is to teach, mentor, and empower drivers of all ages and all levels.
  • We want all of our students to drive safely and defensively, not merely passing the DMV Road Test.
  • We hope to make the roads safer through education.
  • We provide flexibility and excellent customer service!
  • Our driving instructors are kind, patient, personable, and professional.
  • Our school vehicles are safely equipped, and dedicated to the safety of our students.
  • We are dedicated to providing outstanding driving classes through professional DMV driving instructors.
  • We keep it local and only service in Danville, Alamo, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore. 
  • We tailor our lessons for each individual who is learning to drive, based on their skillsets and comfort levels. 

East Bay Driving School is a wonderful choice for driving classes in California because of our customized attention, compassionate training, and flexible hours!

-Sheri, Owner