Driving At Night

Start Driving Safely Now

Step 1: Take a 30 hour DMV approved Driver’s Ed program ($30).

Step 2a: Take 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel training with our driving school

Step 2b: Complete Fifty Hours with a parent/guardian for drivers under 18.

Step 3: Take the CA DMV Driving Test. We will help guide you through this.

Learn to Drive with Confidence in Dublin: Tailored Driving training for Teens
  • Start now and learn how to drive safely.  We proudly serve students in the Dublin School District, including Valley, Quarry Lane, and Dublin High School.
  • Why choose us?  Our experienced drive coaches specialize in assisting both first-time drivers and those seeking extra support for the California DMV Behind-The-Wheel TestS
  • Safe Learning Environment: We believe in fostering a safe and comfortable atmosphere for optimal learning. Starting in low-traffic or traffic-free zones like Stoneridge Mall ensures a stress-free beginning to your driving lessons.
  • Convenient Locations: Our lessons cover familiar routes, including Dougherty Road, Camino Tassajara Road, Village Parkway, Hacienda Drive, and Fallon Road.
  • Join us at East Bay Driving School to kickstart your driving journey with confidence.
Important Update for 2024 - Car Insurance Rates in California are Surging For High Risk Drivers
  • Safe Driving is as critical as ever, especially in 2024.  You will want a perfect driving record without any at faults for your entire driving career.  Car insurance companies, especially in California are extremely strict and leave very little room for error.
  • Did you know that Vehicle Insurance rates in California have increased by 15-20% in the past year from January 2023 to December 2023?
  • Most new drivers are categorized as high risk and high risk drivers are having a harder time finding vehicle coverage.  Did you know that some of the biggest auto insurance companies have already left Southern California and many are predicted to leave Northern California?
  • For vehicle insurance, you will want to study the basic terminologies and call at least 3 different companies to compare rates.  You will need to learn the difference between Deductibles and Premiums.  Can you list four types of coverages?  They will include Uninsured motorist, Comprehensive, Collision, and Personal Injury Protection.
  • Some insurance companies such as Progressive and Geico will send you an accelerometer to test how smoothly you brake and how often you accelerate too quickly.   Based on your collected statistics for a month, they may provide you with a discounted premium to reward you for safe driving.   Several of our students have followed up to comment on this added perk and smooth driving is a key concept that we teach.  We feel that smooth braking and acceleration demonstrates control of the vehicle.
  • The bottom line, you want a perfect driving record for your safety and to avoid paying unnecessary vehicle premium fees.  A perfect driving record is attainable if you fully focus and practice driving with the right driving strategies.
Our Driving Lesson Packages
Two Hour Lesson
One 2-hour lesson
Six Hour Package
Three 2-hour lessons. Minimum hours required by the DMV for driver's ages: 15.5 to 18 years
Ten Hour Package
Five 2-hour lessons
Six Hour + DMV Drive Exam
Three 2-hour lessons + 3-hours for DMV Test
DMV Drive Exam
One hour refresher/mock tests + Two hours for DMV Test with our vehicle

“Although my parents have allowed me to drive for 6 months since I turned 15 1/2, and I am super familiar with the roads, I was pleasantly surprised to learn professional driving techniques that were not passed down from my parents.  It was useful to have a different perspective and to feel a different type of tension from the drive school.”  -Ron M, Danville, CA

We will get you Trained, Certified, And Driving In No Time.