Driving School Coupon

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We are offering a coupon for a discount for our driving school.  Watch the entire video about high risk driving behaviors to avoid and look for the driving discount coupon for $10 off.  Valid until Dec 31, 2023

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A lot of drivers overlook the importance of parking.  With the right instructions, practice, and carefulness, you can quickly master parking.  Watch the entire video and look for the coupon code for a $10 discount for your behind-the-wheel instructions.  Valid until Dec 31, 2023

Here are a few resources to bookmark

  • We reviewed 12 different online training courses for the 30 hour DMV knowledge course and concluded that Aceable had the best lesson plan.  Several students in San Ramon and Danville and recommended the following, which we endorse: Aceable.com ($29)
  • The DMV website does a great job listing resources and regularly providing up-to-date changes.California DMV  
  • The California Handbook is amongst the most important reading material that you should carefully review before and after your knowledge test.California Driver’s Handbooks
  • Here is the DMV’s list of instructions for obtaining your driving permit. Information on Instruction Permits
  • The DMV recommends the following lesson plan for teens, which we can help guide you through the process.Lesson Plan for Teaching Your Teen
  • If you are pulled over, you will need to Know Your Rights. Know Your Rights – Traffic Stops