Driving at night

Patience Patience Patience

Study after study has shown that students are not able to learn efficiently if they are stressed. Students need to be in a safe and comfortable environment for peak performance. By simply repeating an instruction to a student, we cannot assume results. Such as try parking in that parking spot. Try again. Try again. Try

Driving at night

What do we teach?

Quality. I know some people call to compare prices. I have heard our prices are good. I also have people who never called me back. I firmly believe that we do not compete in the business by having inexpensive lessons. We compete by having quality coaching and excellent customer service! When a student trains behind-the-wheel


Why We Started East Bay Driving School

My father-in-law is a quiet man, but his eyes always twinkled with pride when he talked about his driving school students. It is that kind of passion and sense of accomplishment that inspired me to open this driving school so I can help make a difference too. Through conversations with our instructors, I can tell

Study For the Test

Know the techniques

Our instructors are already great drivers and great teachers. There is a tremendous amount of research and documentation devoted into crafting a great curriculum for our students. Every student is receiving thousands of hours of researched condensed into a 6 hour lesson.

Driving School Teens

Your Local Driving School

East Bay Driving School is proud to sponsor the Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon at Quail Run Elementary School! Giving back to our community is the reason we keep our driving school local. We are also a Gold Sponsor at Dougherty Valley High School. We believe in education. Good education builds good foundation in our youth. East

Student Driver

Have a process

The other day I was watching a friend nudge forward and nudge backward at a parking spot only to be tilted, off centered, and two feet too far from the stop line. I was lucky to have enough space to open my passenger side door. I can’t imagine how many years my friend has struggled

Weaving through the woods

Connecting with students

During COVID19’s shelter-in-place, many of us learned about efficiencies gained through remote work. Although we are able to get a lot of work done and multi-task through a dozen projects or assignments at once, we all can appreciate how important in-person interactions are if safe to do so. For many of our students, this is